2000 to present:  Cruise Ship Destination Lecturer

2016 – M-Cubed Grant

Anita Gonzalez travels with Holly Hughes to Mexico to introduce students to Oaxaca Contemporary Arts

2015 – GIEU Marketing Indigenous Arts in Oaxaca, Mexico

Fifteen University of Michigan students interview visual and performing artists in Mexico and create a webpage to market their work

Devil Dancing Students


2014 – GIEU Multi-Cultural Theatre in Liverpool

Fifteen University of Michigan students visit Liverpool UK to learn about the city’s history and culture and to work with 6 different multi-cultural agencies: Africa Oye (, Brouhaha (, Steve Biko Housing (, The Unity Project (, and the Green House Project (, The Somali Women’s Project (

Pushing the anchor

Liverpool MDI coordinates all of their activities (

Their final project is a performance at the Lantern Theatre called “Framing Liverpool Through Michigan Eyes” You can watch their show/sharing on youtube

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