Careers are built by people that help in the journey and they have been numerous.

Artistic influences have been dance training with RAD teacher Kate Allworthy and my years as a founding member of Urban Bush Women. Directors from the Lincoln Center Directing Lab inspire and support my directing along with university colleagues.

The Dramatist Guild of New York and the Chicago Dramatists musical theatre writing workshops introduce me to partners and colleagues like Richard Aellen, Dan Furman or Tiye Giraud who guide my playwrighting.

The academic world is rich with mentors whose politics and lucid writing styles shift my politics. Shout out to Jill Dolan, Ramon Rivera-Servera, Tommy DeFrantz, Sally Banes.

Then there are the spiritual guides who will remain unnamed but they know who they are.

The students I work with every day are the life blood of all futures and I depend up them to lift me up and actively work with me to build the groundwork for art and practice of the new millennium.

And when things are rough, and I need to reflect, I travel to the New York City Player’s Club or a to a quiet beach/mountain to gain back my sanity.


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