Black Performance Theory: An Anthology of Critical Writings edited by Thomas F. DeFrantz and Anita Gonzalez,  Duke University Press, 2014.

Black performance theory is a rich interdisciplinary area of study and critical method. In this collection of new essays, some of its pioneering thinkers demonstrate the breadth and depth, innovation, and critical value of black performance theory.

Afro-Mexico: Dancing Between Myth and Reality by Anita Gonzalez with photos by Jose Manuel Pellicer and George O Jackson Jr. University of Texas Press, 2004.

Anita Gonzalez articulates African ethnicity and artistry within the broader panorama of Mexican culture. She illustrates how dance reflects upon social histories and relationships and documents how residents of Mexico construct their histories through performance.

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19th Century Acts

The 19th Century Acts digital humanities tool visualizes the historical biographies and live performances of Edwin Booth, Jenny Lind and Ira Aldridge through the amalgamation of archival texts and the visualization of the ephemeral acts of performance. Through the documentation of geographical and historical data, along with images and sound captions, this tool serves as an engaging, online learning platform

Book Contributions

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  • Gonzalez, Anita. “Theater as Cultural Exchange,” Latinas On Stage, edited by Alicia Arrizón and Lillian Manzor.  Berkeley: Third Women, 2000. ISBN# 0943219175

Journal Articles

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Published Conference Proceedings

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